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The Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof can be controlled with a remote, but there's also the option to upgrade to a cloud-based system that's controlled with your smart phone.

The Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof rotates nearly 170 degrees, giving you complete control over the amount of sun you require.

The Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof is controlled with a 24v actuator, using very little energy.

With the benefit of the blades rotating nearly 170 degrees, cleaning is a breeze when the blades are upside down. It can be easily cleaned from the top of the blade without climbing on the roof, or getting on a ladder over top of the side beams.

Each blade when closed, overlaps each other – creating a mostly water-tight roof. Please note, in heavy wind some blow-back can occur between blade edges and the internal gutter.

Depending on size and attachment to your dwelling, installation can take as little as two days, or for more complicated options, around a week.

Yes, a warranty is provided with each of our Louvre Roof Systems – even if it is a DIY option.

All aluminium components meet Aotearoa New Zealand standards, and stainless steel screws means the Eclipse Louvre Opening Roof can be built in marine areas.

Each Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof is designed to your specific location – and for kiwi wind zones, giving you peace of mind you're buying a Louvre Roof System that will stand the test of time.

Yes, the Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof can be built to most shapes and design. We're experienced installers with decades of experience, so we know how to handle both the simple and the complicated jobs.

A full range of options can be integrated into the Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof, including down lights, heating, and rain sensors. We can even set up cloud-based automation, controlled from your smart phone.

To Meet Aotearoa New Zealand Building Codes, the Eclipse Opening Louvre Roof has been engineered up to 30m2 under the standard design. All other roof options can be site-specific, and we can provide a PS1 on request.

Yes, if you have a frame already in place, we can supply an infill system (subject to meeting span requirements).

We offer a full range of powder-coated colours from Dulux and Interpon.

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