Terms of Trade

Eclipse Opening Roof Louvre Hawke's Bay

Terms and Conditions of trade

Financial terms

  • Deposit monies (50% of contact total) will be used to purchase materials related to job.
  • Quotes do not include PS1 cost for building consent, unless stated.
  • Within 7 days of invoice, account holders by the 20th of the following month all other customers 40% on dispatch from factory and balance on completion of installation. Ownership of these goods do not pass to the purchaser until payment is made in full. The debtor gives the company the right to enter any property to up-left said goods, in the event that payment has not been made. You will be liable for all collection costs including commission and agency fees on unpaid accounts.
  • Quote is based on material pricing at the time of the estimate. This quote is valid for 30 days from noted date. Total job price may be higher than quoted if material or labour prices increase or changers are made to the job description. Customer will be made aware of any price increase before work has commenced.
  • The Contract cannot be changed or modified by the Customer unless written notice is given. Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd will in writing notify the Customer of any price increase to the changes requested.

Installation & storage

  • Materials supply due to issues we are currently facing may affect our scheduling of your job. We will endeavour to manufacture in a timely manner, but this is sometime out of our control. We will keep you informed as to the scheduling of your job and contact you if there are delays.
  • During storage in Cardboard or plastic, the Powder Coated Aluminium should be protected from the influence of weather elements and therefore stored inside, out of direct sunlight, rain and other weather elements.
  • On the construction site and during construction, the Powder Coated Aluminium should be protected from potential damage such as abrasions that can be caused by, but not limited to construction materials, such as paint, cement and cleaning chemicals etc.
  • If such materials have been in contact with the coated surface, they should be cleaned immediately before they have dried. Failure to remove these materials at an early stage will require the use of aggressive cleaning materials and techniques that may result in damage to the coated surface.
  • During storage, for non-coated items are also best stored out of direct sunlight, rain and other weather elements.

Cancellation notice

Customer may cancel this contract within 20 days of the Estimate acceptance conformation date, any material manufactured by a third party or products from a supplier that cannot be returned for a credit will become the property of the Customer and deducted from the deposit paid, the balance of the deposit will be returned to the Customer.

General terms

  • Customer is responsible for acquiring permits that may apply to the work being done from any relevant Authority.
  • Customer is responsible for contacting owners of surrounding properties and informing them that Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd will be commencing work on a set date.
  • Customer is responsible for removing items within building area e.g. furniture, trees, and other obstacles or debris.
  • Underground locators only mark major services. It is the customers responsibility to mark any personal utilities, including electrical, sprinklers, drain tile, natural gas lines, Fiber cables, water, or any other underground services.
  • Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd assumes no liability for damage to unmarked or personal utilities.
  • Customer will provide Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd with an accurate property survey of boundaries.
  • Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd will not be responsible for building within boundary encroachment or height restrictions.
  • Customer will be responsible for obtaining permission from Neighbouring Properties for any Local Council requirements.
  • Dirt/Spoils from post holes and or nib excavation will remain on site. Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd will move to a location on customers property at an acceptable distance (10m) free of charge. Location must be set before job commences or customer assumes responsibility for dirt/spoils.
  • Customer assumes responsibility for structural soundness of Soffits, Fascia, walls, floors, concrete, etc which are to act as devices for product to installed on or to.
  • Customer will allow Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd to take before and after photos of the work area. Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd  may use pictures relating to the job in marketing and advertising material including web sites affiliated with Eclipse and Louvre Roof Specialists Ltd.